We are the best kept secret in New Zealand.

Located at the heart of the upper North Island with easy access to New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland, and the rest of New Zealand, Waikato people can enjoy the benefits of being part of a large population without the stress of big city living. Excellent roading and communications infrastructure make it easy to do business and keep in touch with family and friends.

The largest city in the Waikato Region is Hamilton, with an urban and peri-urban population of 188,400 (June 2015 estimate), and is home to the University of Waikato, the Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec), and organizations such as Gallagher, Fonterra, Stainless Steel Design, LongveldBallance, CompanyX and LIC.

Other major towns in the region are Tokoroa, Te Awamutu, Cambridge and Taupo.


The environment underpins our economy and is also our playground. Waikato has the most varied environment of any region in New Zealand - stunning coastlines, lush pastoral landscapes, forests, cave systems, mountains, the largest lake in Australasia, the longest river in New Zealand, geothermal activity, and internationally renowned wetlands – which means you can experience all the different elements of New Zealand’s great outdoors in a single day.

Exciting careers

The Waikato region has one of New Zealand’s largest and most diverse economies. The region has job opportunities in education, science, research, health and other professional services. ICT, along with manufacturing and construction offers the highest wages in the Waikato. From May 2015 to May 2016, the number of vacancies in the Waikato increased by 23.1%.

Technology sector

From Waikato to the world – New Zealand’s first international Internet connection was established in 1989 from Waikato University. Today, more than 50 information technology companies are based in the Waikato serving international and national customers in software programming, support and decision making tools.

In 2017 the growth rate for Hamilton (South Waikato is considered part of Central) was 21.7% and we came out first. The Hamilton region again recorded the largest revenue growth rate for 2018 at 16.3%, a $119 million increase. Hamilton has just nine TIN200 companies but it still contributed $854 million to total TIN200 revenue in FY2018.

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Family and housing

The Waikato is a family-friendly region to work in. Its beautiful and diverse environment is greatly valued by residents. The Waikato offers relatively affordable housing, excellent shopping opportunities, a busy events calendar, short commute times to work and top notch educational opportunities from early childhood to university.

Great schools

The welcoming Waikato community helps students from New Zealand and around the world feel right at home so they can make the most of world class educational and recreational opportunities. The Waikato region offers students an excellent education across all levels of learning, from primary, intermediate and secondary schools to institutes of technology, private training organisations, vocational training, language training and a world-leading university. Imagine student life in a place that has all the benefits of a safe, vibrant student city without the hassles of big city living.

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