CultivateIT is working alongside Te Waka and other stakeholders to collaboratively deliver a digital and ICT programme of work across the Waikato.

The Digital and ICT programme, aligned with economic development objectives of the region, was developed on the basis of work completed in early 2018 to understand the digital and technology landscape in Waikato, and is included in the Waikato Economic Development programme launched by Te Waka: Waikato Economic Development Agency in 2018. 

  • Facilitate and support accelerated deployment of fit for purpose infrastructure to main centres and regions.
  • Facilitate and support the development of fit for purpose public access facilities, programmes and resources.
  • Promote, facilitate and support initiatives investing in user empowerment, not just infrastructure.

  • Acknowledge, understand and define the digital skills gap and champion addressing it.
  • Promote, facilitate and support initiatives supporting schools in delivering the digital curriculum.
  • Support the establishment of fit for purpose pathways and career support programmes, resources and tools.

  • Facilitate the development, promotion and access to best practice guides, resources and tools.
  • Establish a framework to facilitate small business digital transformation through a pilot programme.
  • Encourage and empower the business community to continue to build capacity and leverage technology.

  • Support the development of a model supporting economic development and community objectives.
  • Support the rollout of regional smart cities across the region in collaboration with local government.
  • Support and facilitate stakeholder engagement including alignment with other related initiatives.
  • Facilitate establishment of technology hubs for use by education providers, entrepreneurs and business.
  • Promote, facilitate and support initiatives engaging local youth and businesses in technology innovation.
  • Support, facilitate and showcase regional technology innovation.

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