Waikato is a broad and diverse region with a rich history of solving big problems. As a result, we have a strong and varied commercial portfolio. Our partners help to bridge that diversity through a unified vision - to see the Waikato become a more vibrant economy.

Partnership enables organisations to establish a brand association with the Waikato and wider New Zealand technology innovation ecosystem and an opportunity to be recognised nationally and internationally amongst leaders developing technology and innovation, supporting industry and the wider community to successfully navigate a digital future.

Strategic partners

Te Waka: Anga whakamua Waikato

Te Waka: Anga whakamua Waikato (Waikato moving forward) is an organisation designed to put our region more firmly on the radar of central government and provide a vehicle for taking the many voices, with one message, to the rest of the world.

The Waikato Story

Part of Te Waka, The Waikato Story aims to reinforce local people’s pride in the region while also helping communicate the region’s value to potential business investors, workers, visitors, students and families.

Waikato Innovation Park

As Waikato's vibrant business growth hub the Park provides a dynamic business campus where collaboration between business and research organisations drives commercial growth for our resident companies.


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