Our board are a smart bunch – brought together by a mutual interest in growing good business, nurturing amazing talent and seeing our region turn into the technology powerhouse we know it to be.

David Hallett

With over 20 years professional IT experience, David has been an early-adopter and industry thought leader since before the World Wide Web was invented.  With a consulting career that has spanned a wide variety of companies in many different industries David has been exposed to a plethora of company cultures, business models, and technologies deployed in a seemingly infinite number of ways, giving him an invaluable repository of knowledge for providing the perfect solution to nearly any business dilemma.

David is a Director at Company-X, and also hold a number of other leadership positions, and was on the establishment board and working group that formed CultivateIT.

Thomas Coats

A ten year information technology career has given Thomas a unique and practical understanding of all things IT, including cyber security, artificial intelligence, software development, disruption and digital strategy. 

Thomas has a wealth of experience across many industries which gives him a strong foundation to provide guidance and governance. He has worked within organisations focusing on animal improvement, education, power generation, transportation, civil engineering, meteorology, software development and politics.

Thomas is currently the IT Manager at J Swap Group of Companies, Co-Founder at Asset Altitude, and a Member of the Institute of Directors New Zealand.

Mike Lamb

Across the utilities, manufacturing, pharmaceutical & finance industries, Mike's career is comprised of senior IS Management positions, interspersed with a variety of successful project management roles covering infrastructure and application implementations/developments, based on a foundation of programming, analysis and DBA roles.

Mike is the Chief Information Officer at Hamilton City Council.

Pete van Velden

With an interest in Blockstack, Stellar and Hyperledger, Pete refers to himself as an Unleveraged Investor.

Pete played a key role in the 'Blockchain Unleashed' TM Forum Catalyst which explored the application of permissioned and public blockchains to solve a variety of corporate use cases. The project received a team-award for 'outstanding ecosystem design’ in May 2018 in Nice, France during the Digital Transformation World conference. 

Pete is a Business Intelligence Analyst at Ultrafast Fibre.

Jannat Maqbool

Jannat is an accomplished academic, CPA and former CIO, completing a Masters of Digital Business at Waikato University and actively engaged in the NZ technology sector. Jannat has a focus on leveraging technology in innovative ways to benefit individuals, organisations and communities. Jannat is a lecturer in the Centre for Business at Wintec, and also contracts as Smart Cities Advisor with Hamilton City Council, Project Lead at Te Waka: Waikato’s Economic Development Agency and a Principal Advisor at Ecosystm in Singapore.

Jannat is Operations Manager at CultivateIT.


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