A council drone has been scanning the countryside for leaks. The trial project led by Waipā District Council's water services team has been using a drone to locate leaks in a major water supply pipe. The small, unmanned quadcopters were fi...
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Robots aren't just stealing human jobs, they're after man's best friend too - now there's a drone that can bark like a sheep dog. The latest drone developments come as more farmers have started using the technology for work on the farm in recent years. Drone specialist ...
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Transpower is testing unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) technologies to cut the number of helicopter flights required for visual inspections of its assets.“We want to keep our teams and New Zealanders safe, reduce disruption to the public, and improve the quality of inf...
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Rather than crawling around in the bush of a subantarctic island for hours searching for yellow-eyed penguin nests, Massey University PhD student Chris Muller can now do it all by drone.When looking at the population of yellow-eyed penguins on the subantarctic Auck...
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Here come the drones

September 27, 2018
A Raglan-based high-performance drone company, Aeronavics, has created a special model of drone to help monitor wildlife parks for poachers in South Africa, and now they’re rolling out the technology for other conservation purposes. We talk with co-founder Linda Bulk about...
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