Digital Transformation

A new electronic system will see Waipā builders applying for, processing and finalising their building consents completely online.  Waipa District Council has announced it will move to an online building consent processing system from February next year. The syste...
Read more the clear winter sky above Central Otago, a drone follows a fenceline up a hill.It darts and slows making small detours to the left and right, and now and again hovers in one spot. Some of the fenceline sags under drifts of snow, and here ...
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Aider, an artificial intelligence (AI) powered digital business assistant created specifically for small business, has been in beta phase in Australasia for several months. Brendan Roberts, Aider’s co-founder, says the app is now ready for the Australasian market...
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A Waikato hospitality company is reaping the rewards of embracing digital technology, using social media platforms to attract customers.Hamilton's Good George Brewery marketing manager Daniel McGregor said businesses should "keep moving with the times or get left behind".The...
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