X the clear winter sky above Central Otago, a drone follows a fenceline up a hill.It darts and slows making small detours to the left and right, and now and again hovers in one spot. Some of the fenceline sags under drifts of snow, and here ...
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How now brown cow?

December 6, 2018
New Zealand has a strong legacy in farming innovations. The milk meter, the automated milk system and electric fencing for livestock control were all dreamt up by Kiwis and helped revolutionise farming. The innovations continue and are being increasingly recognised. San...
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A Hamilton school has found a way to keep the Regional School Ag Days tradition alive in the age of Mycoplasma bovis disease which saw calf movements banned.Tamahere Model Country School has come up with a new solution for the future of Ag Days.School principal Waveney Parke...
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More farmers are buying dairy technology that pays for itself promptly, says Waikato Milking Systems chief executive NZ Campbell Parker.  For example, more dairy farmers are installing automatic cup removers to reduce labour costs and increase efficiency, he says.“Aut...
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A fledgling New Zealand agritech company run by a rising Kiwi entrepreneur who has worked for Rocket Lab has raised $8 million, from Silicon Valley venture capital firm Data Collective, which is likely to result in massive changes to the nation’s burgeoning dairy industry....
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