The AI and Robots are coming...or are they already here?

Come along and hear from Jannat Maqbool (Assoc Director at the AI Institute Waikato Uni) and Travis Corrie (Director of Commercial at Aware Group)

The pace of development in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics continues to accelerate so what does that mean for you here in the Waikato in 2021?  Well, in this event we’ll give you an opportunity to get up to date and try to give you the beginning of an answer to that question.

Jannat Maqbool, who is well known to many in the technology space in the Waikato, describes herself as a Mum with an interest in AI (well, that’s how she puts it on her linkedin page). Taking that passion, Jannat has been appointed the Associate Director at the Artificial Intelligence Centre at Waikato University. Jannat will talk through the current developments from the perspective of their impact on us as people and look at some of the ongoing ethical questions.
Following on from Jannat will be Spot the robot (check them out above) and their handler in the form of Travis Corrie, the Director of Commercial at Aware Group, and the previous Chair of the Waikato FLINT lead team.  Travis will talk through the latest developments in robot technology that his team are working on, and may even let you pat Spot.

And after the presentations are over, there’ll be an opportunity to rekindle those networking skills over refreshments. We look forward to seeing you on Thursday 27th May, we begin at 5pm. 

You can register here: Free Registration

Techweek event hosted by the FLINT Waikato team on behalf of TUANZ.


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