Geoff Bentley (TechLeapNZ)

What role do you play in the local/NZ tech sector?

I'm a Tech Educator, inspiring & helping students through my TechLeap clubs and Repair Detectives programme and with OMGTech!, providing professional development around Digital Tech and STEAM for teachers, and providing educational opportunities for communities e.g. The Repair Co-op - Cambridge.

What is your favorite habit to keep up to date with the latest technology trends? 

Reading newsletter emails from diamandis.com and Inside.com; and watching YouTube channels Veritasium and Mark Rober (this is more insanely cool tech experiments than trends).

What are your priorities as a tech enthusiast/leader?

Ensuring that I'm staying informed around what's happening locally, nationally, and internationally in tech and education; ensuring that students and teachers are engaged, challenged, and curious; ensuring the work I'm doing is sustainable.

What advise would you give to young people wanting to get into careers in tech? 

Learn to love learning. Learn to love challenge. Learn strategies to help you get through challenges. Stay curious.

What in your opinion are the greatest opportunities and challenges the technology sector faces in the Waikato/NZ?

I think the greatest opportunity is in harnessing sensor data, robotics, and machine learning to improve every aspect of life.  I think the greatest challenge for the tech sector in NZ is in designing & creating environmentally-sustainable solutions to the massive amounts of waste that technological change currently produces.


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