Damon Kelly (Enlighten Designs)

What is your favorite habit to keep up to date with the latest technology trends? 

A voracious reader, I love Audible and listening to books at high speed. Enlighten also has a value of “learning” and I personally embrace that as a way of life by regularly taking courses, attending conferences, and playing active roles in organisational learning.

Who are Enlighten Designs?

Enlighten Designs is a creative technical agency with 20 years experience creatively delivering innovative technology solutions that enable value for our clients. Our people are what makes Enlighten great. We are a long-standing Gold Microsoft partner and the delivery partner for Microsoft News Labs whose mandate is to digitally transform the media industry.

What is  your role at Enlighten Designs and what does it involve?

I founded Enlighten Designs 20 years ago, this year, in 1999 in a a caravan in my mother’s backyard. As CEO my job is vision, strategy and future focus, though I often wear many hats and do the jobs that need doing. I’ve actually done every job at Enlighten, at one time or another.

What are your priorities as a tech enthusiast/leader?

My priorities are to have a future-focus to effectively lead our organisation forward from here in the Waikato to a wider global scale, to hire and develop high-tech leaders who align to our values, and to build a culture of creativity that enables true innovation. Our vision as an organization is to enable $100m in client value by 2020.

What in your opinion are the greatest opportunities and challenges the technology sector faces in the Waikato/NZ? 

The Waikato is my home and where Enlighten was created; it has brought tremendous opportunity and a unique setting to build a strong company culture based on fun, connectedness, learning, integrity, and creativity. We deliver innovation projects for world class clients like Nascar, The Associated Press and Politico from right here in our backyard.  


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