Igor Matich (Dynamo6)

What is your favorite habit to keep up to date with the latest technology trends? 

Keeping up with the latest technology trends is a big feat. Especially while running a thriving company. It’s a team effort to keep on top of it all at Dynamo6, and our partnerships with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft help to keep us on the edge. Leading future state conversations with customers allows me to see what problems are affecting businesses in New Zealand, as well as observing where they believe the opportunities lie. Technology trends in New Zealand are largely based on the maturity of a business, the industry they operating in and the importance they place on technology supporting their wider business strategy. Some are thinking 10 steps ahead, some are fast followers, whilst others are just trying to keep up. Internationally, technology trends still set the pace but balancing this with the realities of running a business in New Zealand gives me a good picture on the relevancy and timing to market. 

Who are Dynamo6? 

Dynamo6 are a team of tech professionals who love to solve problems. We love technology and we’re excited about what it can do for people and businesses. Dynamo6 specialises in cloud enablement, data services, and mobile and web-based technology solutions. We work with our customers closely to understand the challenges they face and the opportunities for improvements through technology adoption. Sometimes that means taking a considered approach to migrating services to the cloud, and other times it means developing websites, apps or software integrations designed for specific use cases. 

What is your role at Dynamo6 and what does it involve? 

As founder and managing director, I oversee the entirety of the business operations. Taking a highly involved approach, I still lead a variety of technology strategy conversations, constantly hunting for, and researching the next disruption set to hit the IT industry. I maintain high involvement in the business and technology communities, which includes presenting at various forums, sharing expertise on emerging technologies, etc. While hungry to consistently deliver the best solutions for our customers, I am always available to staff. 

What are your priorities as an organisational lead and as a tech enthusiast? 

Balance. I firmly believe in the importance of this in all aspects of life. As a father of 4, leading a growing business and still a keen footballer, just juggling everyday life is an art. This is true for most people, I therefore encourage staff to pursue their hobbies and passions whether in the office or extracurricular but family comes first. Dynamo6 fosters a collaborative and innovative office culture where every opportunity is a team event. Successes and failures alike are shared. This team mindset helps us to innovate and take calculated risks which is evident in the culture at Dynamo6. We operate as a flat organisation without egos, we are a close-knit team where everyone feels comfortable to take risks and improve their skills. Everyone understands that we win together, and fail together. I'm also a firm believer in the importance of humility in leading an organisation and focusing on serving the team and the wider interests of the business above any form of personal brand recognition. 

What in your opinion are the greatest opportunities and challenges the ICT sector faces in the Waikato/NZ? 

The greatest opportunities for the ICT sector in the Waikato include working with local customers to better leverage technology to become more globally competitive including developing their own IP, improving processes internally and externally to speed up user /customer experience, improve time to market for products and services as well as looking at using technology to disrupt their own industry for competitive gain. 

The challenge in delivering this, is that the depth and breadth of products and services available to customers through the likes of public cloud vendors, software as a service providers and hardware manufacturers, is so wide and varied, that in today's technology landscape a huge problem exists in choosing what technology will solve core business problems and provide a viable return on investment. There is also a lot of hype in the global technology industry geared around the use of buzzwords with terms such as AI, Machine Learning, Digital transformation etc being thrown around regularly, but ultimately what technology is fit for purpose and should be pursued by customers should be geared around what problem a business is actually trying to solve. Or a problem they haven't considered yet and need to build a plan around to manage risk or find new ways of doing things. 

Feature set and solution only led investment in technology doesn't always work, so a huge challenge facing the ICT sector in the Waikato is to navigate the wider technology offerings available to customers and work closely with them to understand what problems they are trying to solve, be it operational, process-driven or other, and marry the right technology solution to this. Keeping up with the rate of change in the technology industry is a huge challenge, and specialisation is a core area organisations such as ours have had to spend time understanding and aligning a plan to.


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