Kiwi tech company creates AR experience for new home builds

A Kiwi startup has come up with a new way of designing new homes, thanks to augmented reality (AR) technology.

AR studio Reactar created a mobile platform called homeAR that helps buyers of new homes decide how their house should look.

Buyers are able to see designs in ‘table scale’ 3D. These designs are based on a catalogue of ‘design and build’ and ‘house and land’ packages from builders and developers.

Buyers can then look at designs and choose options that meet their needs – and then look at those designs through AR. homeAR is even built with a full-scale mode that allows a house design to be placed on a section. This can help buyers figure out ideal house placement, views, sun angles, and how close they’d be to the neighbours.

According to Reactar cofounder Richard Penny, the company created the app to make it easy for people to understand a house design as if it already existed. And buyers don’t even need a showhome.

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