How now brown cow?

New Zealand has a strong legacy in farming innovations. The milk meter, the automated milk system and electric fencing for livestock control were all dreamt up by Kiwis and helped revolutionise farming. 

The innovations continue and are being increasingly recognised. San Francisco-based Startup Genome, an organisation that benchmarks start-up communities globally, says New Zealand is one of four places to watch for agritech solutions in 2018, alongside Silicon Valley, Boston and Amsterdam. 

One company providing these innovative solutions is Halter, whose technology allows dairy farmers to remotely control and track their herds. The agritech invention, dubbed the “cowgorithm”, is a GPS-enabled collar that fits around a cow’s neck. It uses artificial intelligence to self-herd stock around the farm while gathering data about a cow’s behaviour, emotional state and health. And it’s all linked up to a farmer’s phone. 

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