We are collaborating to build the connections and capacity of IT enabled businesses, industry and the wider community to equip the Waikato to successfully navigate a digital future​​

We are working alongside Te Waka: Waikato economic development agency and other stakeholders to collaboratively deliver a Digital and ICT programme of work, as part of the Waikato Economic Development programme, to -

Working with Te Waka enables us to tap into other economic development initiatives, such as labour market development to help fill gaps in skills shortages, access to funding, and regional inwards investment opportunities.

The Digital and ICT programme, aligned with economic development objectives of the region, was developed on the basis of work completed in early 2018 to understand the digital and technology landscape in Waikato, and is included in the Waikato Economic Development programme launched by Te Waka: Waikato Economic Development Agency

Interests from various stakeholders are represented by a Digital Stakeholder Group.

The Waikato technology sector

Waikato has a strong tech sector which is typically 4th amongst NZ regions, behind Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, and we are punching above our weight in terms of exports and growing strongly.

The annual TIN Report, quantifies the economic significance of New Zealand’s globally focused technology industry by capturing key data on the country’s top 200, revenue earning, high-tech companies and reporting analysis on the 600+ companies surveyed each year.

In 2017 the growth rate for Hamilton (South Waikato is considered part of Central) was 21.7% and we came out first. The Hamilton region again recorded the largest revenue growth rate for 2018 at 16.3%, a $119 million increase. Hamilton has just nine TIN200 companies but it still contributed $854 million to total TIN200 revenue in FY2018.

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